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Poker Leaderboards GuideSeasons

Seasons Page

The Seasons page lists all of the seasons that have been added to your league.

PokerLeaderboards Seasons Listing

Add New Season

A Season is a series of tournaments, grouped together to display points for a certain time period. Your Leaderboards will display the most current Season you have entered. When you enter a Tournament all of your Seasons will be available to select from a drop down menu, so you will only have to enter Season information once.

PokerLeaderboards Add New Season
  • To add a Season, click on 'Seasons' in the Admin Navigation
  • Select 'Add New' Season
  • Enter your Season 'Name'
  • Keep box checked to make the Season 'Active'
  • Select the Season 'Start Date'
  • Select the Season 'End Date'
  • Click 'Save'

EXAMPLE:  The Atlanta Poker Club plays 3 Seasons per year with their Season names coming from the running Season #, Season time of year and Season year. (Season 31: Winter 2014, Season 32: Summer 2014, Season 33: Fall 2014, etc.).  Seasons are typically a set period of days, months, etc. or a certain # of tournaments.  Name your Seasons in a way that is most descriptive for your league.

One of our first clients, Poker Affiliate World (PAW), used season name “PAW Aussie Millions” when they put together a 5 week competition giving away a trip to Australia and a seat into the Aussie Millions Poker Tournament.  This season name is descriptive and their league players know to select the correct season when looking at their Leaderboards.