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Poker Leaderboards GuideScoring

Scoring Page

The Scoring page lists all of the scoring systems that have been added to your league.

PokerLeaderboards Scoring Listing

Scoring Systems

Scoring systems are optional. You have the ability to manually add points while entering Tournament results using the Default Scoring System.

Default Scoring System

Every league comes with a Default Scoring System which allows you to enter player names and points manually.

PokerLeaderboards Default Scoring System

Custom Scoring Systems

Custom Scoring Systems are pre-set formulas you create for awarding points and payouts for your league tournaments.  When you enter a Tournament, your Scoring Systems are available to select from a drop down menu.  Scoring systems are a time saver if you input Tournaments often.

PokerLeaderboards Scoring Add New
  • To add a Scoring System, click the 'Scoring' page link
  • Click 'Add New' Scoring
  • 'Name' your Scoring System
  • Select your 'Payout Type' - Actual Points or Percent of Total Points
  • Select the 'Total Points' you want to award
  • Select the '# of Positions Paid'
  • Fill in 'Points to be Awarded' for each Position Paid
  • Click 'Save'
  • When you select the Scoring System while entering a Tournament, it loads the points for each position automatically

NOTE: You will not be able to Save your Scoring System until you fill in all the required fields.

Custom Scoring System Example

Say you want 20 players to earn points and you want to give 1st place 500 points and 20th place 50 points.  You can create a scoring system that will assign points to the top 20 based on your requirements.  You can assign a total number of positions to earn points and a set # of points for each position, or you can set a total point value broken down with each position earning a certain % of points.

APC Default Scoring System

The APC league uses a scoring system called 'APC Default'.  It is now available for other leagues to use.  Activate it on the Seasons page.

PokerLeaderboards Scoring System APC Default

The APC Default scoring system calculates points according to the following guidelines:

First, it calculates the number of places paid according to the following rules:

  • 2nd chance: Winner-take-all format with 10 players.
  • Heads up: 8 places paid
  • Tournaments with greater 40 players: 20 places paid
  • Standard and all others: Places paid = total number of players / 2 (rounded up)

Next, it calculates the total number of points to award.

Standard tournaments, Venue Championships, Last Chance, Headsup, and Turbo tournaments all begin with a base points formula of: (numplayers^.5) * 200

Turbos are then multiplied by a factor of 70% of the base points. (that is, turbos receive 30% less points).

If it's a second chance tournament, then only 20 total points are available.

Finally, the payout percentages are awarded according to the following table (stopping at the max places paid for that particular tournament). If there are < 20 places paid, then the players are paid in a round-robin style manner, starting with first place through the the last-place finisher, then beginning with first place again at the next payout.

For instance, with a tournament of 10 players, all ten players would first receive their points due according to their finish position. Next, first place would receive the next available payout, which is 11th place at 1.4 additional %. 2nd place would then receive an additional 1.3% from 12th place, and so on, until the payout structure is exhausted.

PlacePercentage of total points

Note that a special case is made for heads-up tournaments, according to the following table:

Place% of total points
3 & 49%
5, 6, 7, & 84.75%