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Tournament Director Training Course

What is Director Training?

Director Training is an online course which teaches you how to host a poker tournament for your home game or at bars, pubs and restaurants as part of your poker league, like a professional poker Tournament Director. If you're looking to start a poker league, then do it right the first time and you'll soon be hosting several poker tournaments at several different venues in your area. This course will show you everything you need to know to host poker tournaments at different venues as part of your bar poker league. You'll learn to direct poker tournaments like a pro.

Poker League Tournament Director

Tournament Director for APC

How To Host A Poker Tournament For $

As we started our pub poker league, we saw the need for trained Tournament Directors. There was nothing like this on the market at the time, so we created the course based off our experiences. It was a work in progress for a while, but now we have the blue print for training tournament directors how to host a poker tournament at our poker league bars and pubs. See more about standardizing rules at the Poker Tournament Directors Association here.

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Tournament Director Training

Thinking about starting up your own local poker league?  Starting a league is a wonderful way to bring together the community, make new friends, build strong working relationships with local businesses, and bring in plenty of money while you’re at it.  Our Director Training course is an online course which teaches you to build a league in your own town which is every bit as successful as our own Atlanta Poker Club (APC).

When we started our own pub poker league, we saw the need for trained tournament directors, but there was no course, which is why we created our own.  We had to learn how to get things rolling on our own, and now we want to share that knowledge with you to save you the time of learning it all from the ground up!  It was a work in progress for a while, but now we have the blue print for training tournament directors who are fully in line with all the standard rules and regulations set forth by the Poker Tournament Directors Association (Poker TDA).  See more about standardizing rules at the Poker Tournament Directors Association here.

When you purchase our online course, you’ll learn how to connect to bars, restaurants and pubs that may be interested in helping you to host poker tournaments, and how to host multiple tournaments at different venues.  This course will show you everything you need to know to direct poker tournaments like a pro.  Not bad for a one-time fee of $97!

Who Can Benefit from Tournament Director Training?

  • Anyone who wants to start a local poker league.  Once you get a poker league up and running, you can make good, steady income doing it, and have a lot of fun too.
  • Those wanting to direct poker tournaments for a living in any venue.  Whether it’s a home game, a game hosted at a local poker club, or a casino game, you will be able to direct with the best of them.
  • Hosts for private poker games.  The same skills you learn which can help you to run an open public poker league are also perfect for running your own private games.
  • Players.  We often recommend that serious poker players who want to gain inside insights into the game take our dealer course.  Players can also benefit from the knowledge contained in our director training course.

What’s Inside Tournament Director Training?

  • Chapter 1:  We’ll star out by giving you a rundown of the state of poker and directing and how you will fit into the picture as a new tournament director.  Even if you are coming to this course as a complete newbie, you will be able to find firm footing with our introduction.
  • Chapter 2:  Supplies.  To run a tournament, you are going to need a fair few supplies, especially if you plan to run a league and provide everybody at the table with chips and cards.  We’ll tell you everything you need to stock up on and how much you will need, not just for the games, but for marketing and all other aspects of hosting.
  • Chapter 3:  Pre-Tournament.  We’ll talk about pre-tournament preparation in this section and how you can get the venue set up, the decks prepared, handle registration, and welcome dealers and players to your venue.  Making a good first impression and setting the pace for your event is the beginning of a great night for you and for all of your participants.
  • Chapter 4:  During-Tournament.  As a tournament director, you will have a number of different duties during the tournament itself.  We will teach you how to consolidate tables, move players, shuffle up and deal, and much more.  You’ll be working with both players and dealers throughout the evening, and you will also be in a decision-making position of authority which can be tough to deal with under pressure.  We will give you guidance for how to handle tough situations with a level head.
  • Chapter 5:  Post-Tournament.  Your work isn’t done after the tournament is wrapped up!  You will still need to collect payments, award prizes, and upload the results of the tournament to your online software (interested in our Poker League Software?  Check it out here).  That way everybody in the league can see who the top performers are and who is making progress up the ladder.  While we’re on the topic of additional resources, you may also want to check out our dealer course.  Remember, you will be in charge of monitoring and working with your dealers, so the more you understand about the dealing process, the better!
  • Chapter 6:  The Process.  While chapters one to five are the meat of our course and arguably all you need to succeed, we include an additional chapter on the 29-Step Tournament Directing Process in order to help you get the most out of our course and stay organized and levelheaded during games.  Breaking it down like this can really help you to remember all your duties and can speed up your problem-solving abilities.  If you can simply follow this process, you can be a tournament director!
  • Chapter 7:  Resources.  Once you have taken our course and practiced, you will be ready to start your own poker league or seek employment at a casino or another venue which needs hosts.  We’ll introduce you to job-search resources, the audition process, and tools which you need to be a poker league director.

Deciding to become a poker tournament director may seem overwhelming at first, but once you have read through our entire course, you will well prepared to meet the challenges of setting up your venue, promoting your event, welcoming your participants, and monitoring your tournament.  With our Poker League Software, you’ll also be able to keep track of the leaderboard for your poker league easily and share the scoreboard with everybody in your league.  A poker league is a great way to build community and profit and have fun in the process!