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Poker Leaderboards GuideDashboard

You will find the following information on your Dashboard:

Account Info

PokerLeaderboards Account Info

Your account info contains the following:

  • Account Type:  Free or Executive
  • Executive Terms link:  On Executive Accounts only
  • Account Dates:  Your Executive Account start and end dates.
  • Signup Date:  The date you created your league.
  • Upgrade To Executive: Link to Executive Account signup

League Details

Your league details contains the following:

  • League Name:  If you want to change your league name, type something new and hit Save.
  • League Logo:  Your logo will show on player profile pages.  Square images work best.

Add League Logo

PokerLeaderboards Pending Updload Example

It's easy to add a logo to your Dashboard:

  1. Click the 'Select a file' button or drag and drop your logo onto the 'Drop New Logo' arrow
  2. Wait for a green box with a check-mark and the message: 'Pending upload' with the file name to appear
  3. Click the 'Upload' button

League Stats

Your league stats contains the following:

  • Tournaments This Month:  Auto-calculated number from Tournaments entered during current month.
PokerLeaderboards Stats Tournaments

League Activity

Your league activity contains the following:

  • Player Signups (by verifying their player profile page):  The player that signed up & their i.p. address.
  • Executive Upgrade / Payments:  Shows when you upgraded or when you make a payment.
  • Date:  The date the signup, upgrade or payment occurred.

Use the filter at the top or pagination at the bottom to find a recent activity.

League Colors

Change 15 different colors related to your Leaderboards.   Once you've updated the colors hit the 'Save Colors' button.

PokerLeaderboards Dashboard League Colors