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Poker Leaderboards GuideLeaderboards

Add Leaderboards To Your Website

All of your Poker Leaderboards can be displayed to your Players by copying the iframe code from the Leaderboards page and pasting it into any website html.

PokerLeaderboards Leaderboards List

Available Leaderboards

  • League (Paginated) - Quartz Theme
  • League (Paginated) - Classic Theme
  • League (Paginated with Avatars) - Quartz Theme
  • League (Non-Paginated) - Quartz Theme
  • League (Non-Paginated) - Classic Theme
  • League Lifetime (Paginated) - Quartz Theme
  • Recent Winners - Quartz Theme
  • Individual Venue Leaderboards - Quartz & Classic Themes
  • Membership - Displays league members as marked on the Player page.
  • Main Event - Displays players qualified for member only tournaments.
  • Hosted Leaderboard - Send your Players to your Hosted Leaderboards if you don't have a website.

iframe Code Example

Click the purple arrow tab to reveal the iframe code for each leaderboard.

PokerLeaderboards Leaderboards List Open

Click 'View Leaderboard' to see what each leaderboard looks like.

  • Click 'Copy' to copy the iframe code to your clipboard.
  • Paste into any website html.
  • Optional: Select a Venue from the 'All Venues' dropdown to create an individual Venue leaderboard.

Leaderboard Examples

Here are several example of the Leaderboards available for your league:

League Leaderboard (Paginated) - Quartz Theme

League Leaderboard (Paginated) - Classic Theme

Recent Winners

League Leaderboard (Paginated with Avatars)

You can change your leaderboards colors with the Dashboard controls.