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Poker Leaderboards GuideDealers

Dealers Page

The Dealers page lists all of the dealers that have been entered into the Dealers tab of a Tournament.

PokerLeaderboards Dealers List

Dealers Are Entered With Tournaments

When you enter a tournament, you will add dealers to the leaderboard.  If the current dealer is in the database it will add those hours to that dealer.  If the current dealer is not in the database it will create a new entry for that dealer.  Each dealer is unique by spelling of the name.

PokerLeaderboards Tournament Dealers Tab

Merge Dealers

There is a handy merge dealers tool if a dealer is entered into the database under different spellings of their name.  If a dealer has been entered into the system with an incorrect name, the proper way to credit the hours to the correct dealer is to use the Merge Dealers feature.

PokerLeaderboards Merge Dealers

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