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Online Poker Dealer School

What is Dealer Training?

Dealer Training is the online poker dealer school, which teaches you how to deal poker like a professional poker dealer. It was created out of necessity. We needed trained dealers for our pub poker league and didn't have the time or money to send our dealers to a brick and mortar dealing course. Our poker league was growing quickly and we needed an online poker dealer school, but one didn't exist at the time. So we created it. The online course walks you through everything you need to know to be a successful poker dealer.

Poker Dealer School

Learn How To Deal Poker Like A Pro

Why do you want to learn to deal poker?

  • I'm a casino / card room manager.  I want to provide training for my prospective dealers.
  • I'm a poker league owner / manager. I want professionally trained dealers to improve my poker league.
  • I'm a poker dealer or prospective dealer. I want to learn how to deal poker like a professional.
  • I'm a poker player. I want to increase my edge at the table by learning to deal poker.
  • I'm trying to claim my free Dealer Training course. Where do I enter my code?

The Dealer Training course includes text, pictures, videos, slideshows, and detailed practice outline.

What is Dealer Training?

If you’ve always wanted to become a poker dealer, but you haven’t had the time or money to pay for an expensive offline course, our Dealer Training program is perfect for you.  Dealer Training is an online poker dealer school offered by the Atlanta Poker Club. Here at the APC, we developed this course to train our own dealers for our pub poker league.  We likewise didn’t have the time or money to send our volunteer dealers out to get trained at a brick-and-mortar school.  Our solution was to create our own course to get our dealers trained up quickly to professional capacity.  We have dozens of certified poker dealers helping out with our league now.

And then we thought to ourselves, “Why not make this resource available to hopeful dealers everywhere?”  If you enroll in our Dealer Training course, you pay a low one-time fee for access, and you get to study from the comfort of your own home.  Our online course walks you through everything you need to know to be a successful poker dealer.

Learn How to Deal Poker Like a Pro

Why do you want to learn to deal poker?  Our product is aimed at several different audiences.  Let’s talk about how you can benefit from our poker dealer course, no matter where you fit into the picture.

Poker League Owners and Managers

If you run a bar poker league like we do, you know that your league cannot survive without professionally trained dealers.  The dealers are an integral part of the poker experience, and help you to ensure that players are enjoying a quality game that is both fun and fair.  You can purchase our course to assist you in training your own dealers for your local league.

Poker Dealer

If you are a poker dealer without professional training and want to up your game, this is the ideal way to do it.  Or maybe you are a prospective dealer with no experience.  No matter where you are on the learning curve, the Poker Dealer School can get you up to speed.  In no time, you’ll be able to deal with the best of them.

Poker Player

As a poker player, one of the best ways you can increase your edge at the table is by learning how to deal poker.  This gives you an inside insight into the game and allows you to view it from a different angle than your opponents.  If you become trained as a dealer, you will have a chance to perform better than your opponents and win more games.  Whether you are playing professionally or you are a dedicated amateur who just loves the game, you can benefit from our dealer course.

What’s Inside?

What do you get when you purchase Dealer Training?  Dealer Training includes eight chapters along with dealer training slideshows and videos.  Here are the modules included in the course:

  • Chapter 1:  Introduction.  Here we’ll talk about the state of dealing and poker, why we created the course and who can benefit from it, and discuss an overview of the course objectives and what you’ll learn along the way.
  • Chapter 2:  Standards.  We’ll teach you about the anatomy of a card, deck, and table so that you know exactly what you’re working with.  Then we’ll get on to grips and positions.
  • Chapter 3:  Mechanics.  Now we start getting into the meat of the course.  You’ll learn how to prep the deck and shuffle and deal the cards and what to do when it’s time for the showdown.
  • Chapter 4:  Techniques.  Here you’ll learn about tasks like cutting chips which you will perform during the game.
  • Chapter 5:  Responsibilities.  In this section we’ll teach you about your responsibilities during the game as far as controlling the game and pacing it, and what you need to do in-hand and between hands.  You’ll learn in detail how to deal with player bets and other aspects of the game.  We’ll also tell you what errors to avoid.
  • Chapter 6:  The Process.  Here we teach you the 42-step process from start to finish which you as the dealer need to carry out to execute a hand of poker.
  • Chapter 7:  Practice.  This section will offer up a series of exercises you can use to practice what you’ve learned by putting your knowledge to work.  This is the only way you will ultimately learn how to deal poker.  You can start out by practicing with a friend, and when you are ready for an audition, you can proceed to the next section.
  • Chapter 8:  Resources.  This is where we’ll tell you how you can start dealing poker in real life.  A lot of students get started dealing with a poker league like the APC.  Many dealers go on to work professionally in casinos.  Others become tournament directors and make money that way.

Our course has plenty of helpful images included, but we also have a series of slideshows to help you learn.  These slides show you each process step by step so that you can visually see what is going on as you are reading the instructions in each section.  Our videos allow you to see the steps in action and performed by a professional dealer.  This can be very helpful not only for understanding each process, but also for getting down the timing.

Even if you have relatively little experience with poker and no experience with dealing, our course is all you need to learn how to start dealing like a pro.  You might go on to deal with your local poker league, or you might become a professional casino floor dealer.  If you are a player and you do not know how to deal, you will gain a new edge by taking our course.  And if you own a league, this is the perfect tool to distribute to your own dealers.  Your dealers are one of the primary ingredients in your league’s recipe of success.  Give them the tools to do well, and you empower the entire league to succeed.