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Poker Leaderboards GuideIntroduction

Welcome To Poker Leaderboards User Guide

This user guide contains everything you need to know to successfully use to run your poker league. is an online service that was created in 2006 to track stats and display leaderboards for the Atlanta Poker Club pub poker league.  My business partner and I founded the APC in 2004 and still use today to run our league, as do hundreds of other leagues around the world.  It's a must have tool for any poker league that wants to keep accurate, detailed, and timely information for their poker players.

Admin Login

PokerLeaderboards Login Page

Create A Free Poker League

If you haven't already, follow the link below to signup for a free Poker Leaderboards account.

PokerLeaderboards Signup Page

How To Use

Common Buttons

These are some common buttons you will see when using Poker Leaderboards.

PokerLeaderboards Edit Save Buttons

Wildcard (three vertical dots) - different options depending on the page you're on, but some features include 'Cancel and Close', 'Remove Player', 'Merge Player', etc.

Save - Saves the current page and stays on the page so you can continue editing.

Save & Exit - Saves the current page and exits the user to the listing page.

PokerLeaderboards Wildcard Dropdown

Add New - Every page has an 'Add New' button.  If you want to add a new tournament click 'Add New' from the Tournaments page.  If you want to add a new Season click 'Add New' from the Seasons page.  It works that way on every page you see this blue button.

PokerLeaderboards Add New button

Support Links

  • Go to Support Center if you have a question or suggestion.  A link is also available within the software navigation menu.
  • Go to forgot password page if you need to reset your password.
  • Visit the privacy policy page for more on our policies.

Featured Links

Click on a link below (or use the main navigation menu above) to access each page for a detailed explanation on how each feature works.

This guide is also a course, so send your administrators here to complete each chapter and learn how to use

Poker Leaderboards Director

P.S. Go to Support if you have any questions!