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Poker Leaderboards GuideEvents

Events Page

The Events page lists all of the events that have been added to your league.

PokerLeaderboards Events Listing

We use the events feature to track qualifications for entry into our special events tournaments that are based on different criteria selected.

Add New Event

The Events functionality allows you to add criteria based challenges, tournament qualifications and time based contests.

PokerLeaderboards Create Event
  • To create an Event, click on Events in the Admin Navigation
  • Click 'Add New' Event
  • Enter 'Event Name'
  • Enter the 'Event Date' - the date the event will occur
  • Enter the 'Announce Date' - the date you will announce the event to your league
  • Enter the 'First Date' - the date qualifying begins for this event
  • Enter the 'Last Date' - the date qualifying ends for this event
  • Select your criteria by clicking 'Add Criteria'
  • Select the 'Criteria Type'
    • Top # of Players
    • Minimum # of Wins
    • Minimum # of Points
  • Add Criteria #
  • Select the 'Coverage' (Overall, At Any Venue, At Specific Venues)
  • Click 'Save'
  • Click 'Events' again in the Admin Navigation
  • Find the 'Event' you just created in the Events List
  • Click 'View' to see your custom Event Leaderboard
  • Add iframe code to any website html

'Criteria Type' Selection

The 'Criteria' selection allows you to create events to track qualifications based on Top # of Players, Minimum # of Wins, and/or Minimum # of Points for 'all' or 'specific' venues for a 'specific set of time'.

PokerLeaderboards Event Criteria Type

Event Example

The APC has a monthly tournament where the top 60 players in points qualify, as well as the top player at any Venue.  We create an Event every month that captures this criteria and outputs an Event iframe report that displays on our website for all the players to track their place in the qualifications.  It shows the players who has qualified, how they qualified, and how far they are off from qualifying if they haven't already.