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Pre-Flop Play
Pre-Flop Play

Poker MovesPre-Flop Play

Pre-Flop Play

The Pre-Flop Checklist - Evan Jarvis (Gripsed Poker Training)

Critical Fundamentals of Pre-Flop Play - CrushlivePoker

Mastering the Fundamentals: Preflop Strategy - Jonathan Little

More on Hand Selection

See basic strategy for more on selection / hand selection.

More on Hand Ranges

See basic strategy for more on hand ranges.

  • Pre-Flop Position Range
  • Continue Ranges
  • Frequency
  • Open Frequency
  • Cut-Off Frequency

Ask questions pre-flop - isolate.

VPIP (Voluntarily Put Into Pot)

PFR (Pre-Flop Raises)

Unopened PFR