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Basic Strategy
Basic Strategy

Poker MovesBasic Strategy

Basic NLH Strategy

NLH has basic strategy concepts you must learn for Table Position, Hand Selection, and Betting Actions.

  • Position Strategy - Table Position. Where is the Button? Acting Last Is Best. Play Hands In Position.
  • Selection Strategy - Hand Selection. Patience. Be Selective. Play Hands In Position. Do blinds defend?
  • Betting Strategy - Betting Actions. Be Aggressive. Apply Pressure. Bet over Check. Raise over Call.

Evan Jarvis - The Triple Threat

Watch 'The Triple Threat' video from Evan Jarvis of 'Gripsed Poker Strategy' to further understand the basic strategy concepts of position, selection, betting (aggression).

Phil Gordon - Inquisitive Poker Video

Watch 'Inquisitive Poker' video from Phil Gordon to become an inquisitive (unpredictable, game feel, aggressive, intuitive, improving) poker player vs. being a prescriptive (predictable, formulaic, tight, nitty, unimproved) poker player. What questions should I be asking myself? Poker Player's Scientific Method.

Poker Player's Scientific Method During A Hand

  • Ask Questions
  • Develop Hypothesis
  • Your Action - Act / Experiment
  • Analyze Results
  • Revise Questions
  • Your Action - Act / Experiment

Poker Strategy - Daniel Negreanu

Watch 'Poker Strategy' video with Daniel Negreanu on the Switch4Good podcast. Daniel breaks down his approach to poker and gives a quick rundown of many of the different poker fundamentals he focuses on.

Stop Using These 5 Poker Strategies (Amateur Mistakes) - BlackRain79Poker