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Position Strategy
Position Strategy

Poker MovesPosition Strategy

Table Position Strategy

Position Explained

When we talk Position we are talking about Table Position.

Position Wiki

Texas Holdem Position Wiki

In Position - your are the button or have bet and forced the button to fold putting you in position

Out of Position - if you get into this hand you will be acting last, meaning you are out of position

Absolute Position - your position relative to the button

Relative Position - your position relative to the pre-flop raiser

Early Position - Under the Gun, UG+1, UG+2

Middle Position - MP1, MP2, MP3

Late Position - Cutoff, Button, Small Blind, Big Blind

Position Styles

There are two main position styles that players play. One player knows how to take advantage of their position and will often defend their position. Then there is the other style which the player doesn't know how to take advantage of their position and rarely defends their position.

Takes Advantage / Defends Position

Good players take advantage of position when they have it. They defend their position from it being taken from them.

Doesn't Take Advantage / Doesn't Defend Position

Bad players don't take advantage of position when they have it. They don't defend their position from being taken from them.

Position is the most underrated factor in poker by MOST players. At the very least, the importance of position is the most overlooked factor by the average poker player.

Let’s take a look at position and why it can be such a powerful tool to build your bankroll

The best position in the game is the very last position, called the button. You have the opportunity to see what everyone does before you (with the exception of the blinds on the first round of betting.). This allows you to see what everyone else does before you have to act.

Everyone takes their turn, checking, betting or folding before you have to do anything. You can watch everyone in front of you… if you hold a marginal hand and there is little to no action in front of you might choose to bet right there and possibly win the pot. If there is lots of action in front of you, you can fold your hand without worry, which saves you lots of bets over the long haul.

Your position should factor into deciding whether or not to play in the hand from the very first round of betting. The general rule of thumb is that if you are going to play a weaker hand, play it from late position. So, what is a weaker hand? Let’s take a quick look at your starting cards.