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Playing Styles
Playing Styles

Poker MovesPlaying Styles

Playing Styles

Each player you encounter at the poker table will play a different style. Your style is based on how you employ basic and advanced strategies.

How Do You Play?

  • Position: Matters or Doesn't Matter
  • Selection: Tight or Loose
  • Betting: Aggressive or Passive
  • Poker Math: Use It or Don't Use It
  • Poker Psychology: Consider It or Don't Consider It

Here are 7 different poker playing styles you might encounter at the poker table. Most players will generally fit into one of these styles.

What is your style? I try to be a Fox. NIT, TAG & LAG can be winning styles. Mouse, Fish, & Donkey are losing styles.

NIT - Super Tight Aggressive Safe

Super Tight Aggressive Opponent (NIT) Poker Strategy - Evan Jarvis (Gripsed Poker Training)

TAG - Tight Aggressive

Tight Aggressive Opponent (TAG) Poker Strategy - Evan Jarvis (Gripsed Poker Training)

LAG - Loose Aggressive

Loose Aggressive Opponent (LAG) Poker Strategy - Evan Jarvis (Gripsed Poker Training)

Fox - Adaptable & Unpredictable

Sly like a fox. Adaptable and unpredictable position, selection, and betting. Uses math and psychology. Exploits opponents weaknesses. Plays balanced when table / field dictates it. Camouflages play. Combines all winning styles to adjust to opponents style, table play, and game flow. Ability to change gears to play the optimal style at all times. Also called a chameleon.

Mouse - Tight Passive

Weak Tight Opponent (Mice) Poker Strategy - Evan Jarvis (Gripsed Poker Training). Scared limper.

Fish - Loose Passive

Loose Passive Opponent (Fish) Poker Strategy - A fish plays a lot of hands, even out of position. They check and call vs bet and raise. Calling station.

Donkey - Super Loose Reckless Aggressive

Super Loose Reckless Opponent (Donkey) Poker Strategy - A donkey plays virtually every hand, regardless of position, and bets with whatever, whenever. Hothead maniac is another way to describe this player.

You make money in poker by selling hands not by stealing pots.

Evan Jarvis - Gripsed Poker Training

What Type of Poker Player Are You? What's Your Style? - Gripsed Poker Training

Basic Overview of Poker Playing Styles - GreenBeanVideos

Phil Hellmuth has his way to categorize his opponents playing styles.

Diagnosing Animals - Phil Hellmuth

Poker Strategy works differently on different types of players. Phil has given each player type a corresponding animal.

  • Eagle - The 50 top players in the world are eagles.
  • Lion - Best player in the game. Timing is impeccable. Knows when to play weird hands. Knows when to bluff. Plays tight (patient) in general. Knows when to mix it up. Gets it in good.
  • Mouse - Plays tight strategy. Never bluffs. Waits for best hands.
  • Elephant - Calling station. Calls way too many bets. Rarely raises. Plays too many hands. Worst players.
  • Jackal - Crazy player. Plays way too many hands. Puts in way too much action. Will bust you when gets hot but mostly loses.