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Playing Approaches
Playing Approaches

Poker MovesPlaying Approaches

Playing Approaches

There are three main approaches to poker.

  • Basic Strategy Approach
  • Exploitative Based Approach
  • Theory Based Approach

'BET' Based Approach

Use Basic poker strategy as your foundation. Learn Exploitative and Theory based approaches. Play basic and exploitative poker against players you are as good as or better. Play theory based approach when playing against better players in higher stakes.

Many hold strong in their position that theory is better than exploitative or vice versa, but my thoughts are that if players are winning with both styles, it's up to me to determine which works best for me against different opponents.

A combined approach and an open mind for new strategies is my best plan going forward.

Exploitative Based Approach

Exploiting your opponents weaknesses and tendencies to gain an advantage. Use this approach when playing against weaker players in lower stakes.

Evolving Adaptive LSTM Poker Players for Effective Opponent Exploitation - Xun Li & Risto Miikkulainen

Theory Based Approach

Game Theory Optimal (GTO) - Using an analytical approach to make the best decisions based on what the 'numbers' say will be most profitable over time. Use this approach against better players in higher stakes.

Here are thoughts from different poker players on their preferred approach to NLH poker.

Why Exploitative Poker is Better than GTO Poker - Evan Jarvis

How Winning Players Actually Think About Poker - Doug Polk

Video Notes:

=> Think like a winning poker player.

=> Use a Theory Based Approach vs Exploitative Based Approach

=> Be Analytical vs Emotional

Think like winning poker players...

=> Prepare before you play.

=> Analyze during live action.

How To Use Modern Poker Theory: $25,000 Buy-In Super High Roller | Playlist - Daniel Negreanu

The Science Behind Poker - Liv Boeree

Poker is both an art and a science.

Past based on street smarts (exploitative).

Best players today approach it quantitatively. Analytic.

MIT Poker Theory


The game within a game.

Poker Theorems

Fundamental Poker Theorem

Poker Theorems - Poker Bank