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Poker MovesIntroduction is a free poker strategy course created for poker players that play low stakes No-Limit Holdem Tournaments, specifically pub poker league players. I created this as part of my strategy to become a better poker player. I hope you find it as useful as I have. Thanks and enjoy!

NLH Course Table of Contents

How To Get Better At Poker

This course was created to help me and you play poker better!  I'm an amateur poker player in a pub poker league my business partner and I co-founded in 2004 called the Atlanta Poker Club.

I bet you're asking, "So, if you're not a poker pro that's made millions of dollars, how can you help me improve my game?" Well, I'm not here to tell you to play poker like I do. That would be a mistake, because I'm not a consistent or winning player (yet).

You shouldn't try to play exactly like someone else plays. Use other poker players as inspiration to find a strategy that is best for you. When you research winning players and their strategies, you will find similar strategies, but none are implemented exactly the same.

If you can't spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you are the sucker.

Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) - Rounders

I consume as much information about poker as I can. I then add what I like to my game and what I don't, I keep a mental note that some people will be playing that way.

I desire to be a better poker player (and be able to play more), so I created this course so I can develop my poker skills over time for the games I play. To be a winning player today you need to study poker like it's your job. Why? Because hundreds and thousands of other poker players are doing just that and you need to do that also to keep up.

However, even a little bit of study can put you far ahead of your peers.

Best Ways To Learn Poker

Below is a list of the best ways you can learn poker and become a better player.

  • Play Poker
  • Study Poker Strategies
  • Improve Pokers Skills with Practice
  • Play Poker Live with a Bar Poker League
  • Play Poker Live at a Casino
  • Play Poker Online
  • Take Live Poker Training Courses
  • Take Online Poker Training Courses
  • Read Poker Strategy Books & Articles
  • Watch & Listen To Poker Videos & Podcasts
  • Develop Your Poker Skills At Home (Poker Training Simulator)

I put together this training course (and continue to add to it) as a way to organize all the poker training related information I've found over the years from the poker pros and amateurs, whose games I respect. It allows me to study over time and not feel like I'm starting from scratch each time I want to add to my poker knowledge.

Instead of having to search for a video I want to watch again, I just have it linked up here in the course in the proper chapter, under the proper heading. That way I can add it to my training and easily find it again when I need it. Or if I find a good video or article, I have a place to put it, organized how I like it.

This training course is for beginners and serious players looking to get to the next level with their poker game. It's for players that want to develop a consistent winning strategy. It's a training guide and a testable course, so you can see how your poker skills evolve over time.

Poker Training describes the plays or moves you make at the table as part of your overall winning strategy.  What are your poker moves?

A good poker move may be as easy as disciplining yourself to lay down a good hand. If your heart tells you to call (those Aces are dreamy...) and your winning strategy tells you to fold, then fold.

What poker moves or strategy do you need to learn to make you a better player? Develop a poker strategy that works for you that will make you a winning player. 

No lesson is better learned than one you experience yourself.

Enjoy the course and good luck at the tables!

Poker Strategy Director