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5 Reasons You Should Join a Bar Poker League

Looking for a fun chance to become more involved in community, play some cards, and meet some great people? Joining a bar poker league is a perfect opportunity to get more experience playing poker or dealing or running tournaments. No matter where you fit into the league, you will be able to make great professional connections while honing your game. Here are 5 great reasons to consider joining your local bar poker league—or creating one if there isn’t one in your area yet.

1. There is no buy-in to participate

As a player, you are not going to find a whole lot of opportunities to play poker for free. Unlike a casino game, you do not need to buy-in to sit down at the table and play some cards. Everyone is given the same number of chips, and the chips are provided by the league. Dealers are usually paid in tips, so be prepared to tip dealers. You are not going to find a more affordable way to gamble.

2. Compete for prizes

When you are in a bar poker league, you are usually competing for tournament points. That doesn’t mean that participation is without reward though! Points can be used for extra chips as you work your way through the events, and you also can compete for a variety of other prizes. These can range from anything from bar tabs to electronics to cash.

3. Compete in the WSOP

The top prize at many bar poker leagues is a buy-in at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). A bar poker league can be your back door into the biggest poker competition on the planet—and some serious cold, hard cash if you win. You don’t have to be a major professional player with a huge bankroll to head to the WSOP.

4. Improve your skills in a friendly, low-pressure setting

Bar poker league players are very competitive, but the setting is friendlier than many casino floors, and because there is no buy-in, the pressure is much lower. This can be very helpful to players just starting out. Poker leagues also offer a great environment for new dealers to practice their trade before auditioning for a job on a casino floor. This is the best opportunity to learn, no matter who you are or what your goals are.

5. Connect with your community

Joining a bar poker league gives you a chance to get out in your community and get to know other people. You will not only make great professional connections, but you may also meet a lot of new friends who share your interests. Socially, this is a wonderful opportunity, and for many players, this is the most rewarding aspect of joining of a bar poker club.

Bar poker leagues are great settings for developing your skills and learning from others. There are very few opportunities in life to have your cake and eat it too, but a bar poker league actually fits the bill. There’s no buy-in, and you still have a chance to win awesome prizes and maybe even head to the WSOP one day. If you cannot find a poker league in your community, consider taking our Director Training course and starting one!