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Need help navigating the online service?  We've put together an extensive users guide to help.   Note - throughout this tutorial we will reference the Poker Leaderboards Admin Navigation shown to the right.

How To Use

>> Step 1: Create Your Free Account

Visit to create your free account.  That's where the Poker League Software is hosted on a secure server.  If you already have an account, login now.

>> Step 2: Add Leaderboards To Your Website

All of your Poker Leaderboards can be displayed to your Players by copying the iframe code from the Leaderboards page and pasting it into any website html. You can also send your Players to your Hosted Leaderboards if you don't have a website.

>> Step 3: Add Staff Members

A Staff Member is anyone who is going to be logging into the Admin Site to change information or enter Tournament results. Whoever signs up for the Poker Leaderboards Account is set as the first Staff Member with Full League Access and title of League Administrator.

  • To add a Staff Member, click on 'Staff' in the Admin Navigation
  • Click 'Add New' Staff
  • Enter a 'Username'
  • Enter a 'Password'
  • Enter 'First Name'
  • Enter 'Last Name'
  • Enter 'Email'
  • Check 'Access Type' (Full, Limited, or No Access - see below for descriptions)
  • Click 'Save'

Access Types

  • Full League Access - the user can access all features the league has access to
  • Limited League Access - the user can only enter or edit Tournaments where they are part of the Tournament Venues Payout information
  • No Access - the user is only in the system for numbers tracking purposes (Players and Dealers)

Staff Members like Dealers won't be logging in, but will be input into the system through the Dealer page or added to a Tournament.  This information is used for the Dealer Reports.

Staff Members, by default, are a part of the Venue Financial Information.  For our league we use the Financial information feature to track hours and pay Staff Members.  Input this information once into Venue, then every time you enter a Tournament the financial info is auto-entered, saving you from having to re-input this information every time.  All of this information is stored in a secure database and can be accessed via the Reports feature (see below).

>> Step 4: Add A Season

A Season is a series of tournaments, grouped together to display points for a certain time period. Your Leaderboards will display the most current Season you have entered. When you enter a Tournament all of your Seasons will be available to select from a drop down menu, so you will only have to enter Season information once.

  • To add a Season, click on 'Seasons' in the Admin Navigation
  • Select 'Add New' Season
  • Enter your Season 'Name'
  • Keep box checked to make the Season 'Active'
  • Select the Season 'Start Date'
  • Select the Season 'End Date'
  • Click 'Save'

EXAMPLE:  The Atlanta Poker Club plays 3 Seasons per year with their Season names coming from the running Season #, Season time of year and Season year. (Season 31: Winter 2014, Season 32: Summer 2014, Season 33: Fall 2014, etc.).  Seasons are typically a set period of days, months, etc. or a certain # of tournaments.  Name your Seasons in a way that is most descriptive for your league.

One of our first clients, Poker Affiliate World (PAW), used season name “PAW Aussie Millions” when they put together a 5 week competition giving away a trip to Australia and a seat into the Aussie Millions Poker Tournament.  This season name is descriptive and their league players know to select the correct season when looking at their Leaderboards.

>> Step 5: Add A Venue

A Venue is the establishment, casino, bar, restaurant, etc., where your tournament takes place.  When you enter a Tournament all of your Venues will be available to select from a drop down menu, so you will only have to enter Venue information once.

  • To add a Venue, click on 'Venues' in the Admin Navigation
  • Click 'Add New' Venue
  • Give your Venue a 'Number' (optional)
  • Give your Venue a 'Name' (required)
  • Check the box to make the Venue 'Active'
  • Select Season(s) this Venue will play (required)
  • Enter Financial information (optional - must enter Staff first, see below)

The Atlanta Poker Club plays at different sports bars and restaurants around Georgia.  They name their venues as follows: the running number of when the Venue was created (001) + name of the establishment (Jeffrey's) + the day of the week the Venue plays (Tuesdays). 001 Jeffrey's Tuesdays

>> Step 6: Add A Scoring System (optional)

Scoring systems are optional, as you have the ability to manually add points while entering individual Tournament results using the Default Scoring System.

Default Scoring System

Every league comes with a Default Scoring System.  This allows you to enter 'Total # Players' and '# Players Paid', which creates a leaderboard where you can enter names and points manually.

Custom Scoring Systems

Custom Scoring Systems are pre-set formulas for awarding points and payouts for your league tournaments.  When you enter a Tournament, your Scoring Systems are available to select from a drop down menu.   To save time when entering Tournaments, create a custom scoring system.

  • To add a Scoring System, click the 'Scoring' page link
  • Click 'Add New' Scoring
  • 'Name' your Scoring System
  • Select your 'Payout Type' - Actual Points or Percent of Total Points
  • Select the 'Total Points' you want to award
  • Select the '# of Positions Paid'
  • Fill in 'Points to be Awarded' for each Position Paid
  • Click 'Save'
  • When you select the Scoring System while entering a Tournament, it loads the points for each position automatically

You will not be able to Save your scoring system until you fill in all the required fields.

For example, if you know that you want to have 20 players earn points and you want to give 1st place 500 points and 20th place 50 points, you can create a scoring system that will assign points to the top 20 based on your requirements.  You can assign a total number of positions to earn points and a set # of points for each position, or you can set a total point value broken down with each position earning a certain % of points.  Scoring systems are a time saver if you input Tournaments often.

If you choose to use a scoring system, click on ‘scoring systems’.  Name your scoring system.  The name does not really matter as long as you know what it is.  Players will not see the name of the scoring system on the leaderboard, but it is available to administrators in a drop down box when inputting results.  Using a scoring system makes sure that you automatically assign the correct number of points to each position.

You can assign a total number of positions to earn points and a set # of points for each position, or you can set a total point value broken down with each position earning a certain % of points.

Creating a scoring system is a time saver if you are putting in points often.

APC Default Scoring System

The APC league uses a scoring system called 'APC Default'.  It is now available for other leagues to use.  Activate it on the Seasons page.

The APC Default scoring system calculates points according to the following guidelines:

First, it calculates the number of places paid according to the following rules:

  • 2nd chance: Winner-take-all format with 10 players.
  • Heads up: 8 places paid
  • Tournaments with greater 40 players: 20 places paid
  • Standard and all others: Places paid = total number of players / 2 (rounded up)

Next, it calculates the total number of points to award.

Standard tournaments, Venue Championships, Last Chance, Headsup, and Turbo tournaments all begin with a base points formula of: (numplayers^.5) * 200

Turbos are then multiplied by a factor of 70% of the base points. (that is, turbos receive 30% less points).

If it's a second chance tournament, then only 20 total points are available.

Finally, the payout percentages are awarded according to the following table (stopping at the max places paid for that particular tournament). If there are < 20 places paid, then the players are paid in a round-robin style manner, starting with first place through the the last-place finisher, then beginning with first place again at the next payout.

For instance, with a tournament of 10 players, all ten players would first receive their points due according to their finish position. Next, first place would receive the next available payout, which is 11th place at 1.4 additional %. 2nd place would then receive an additional 1.3% from 12th place, and so on, until the payout structure is exhausted.

Place Percentage of total points
1 30%
2 20%
3 10%
4 8%
5 7%
6 5%
7 4%
8 3%
9 2%
10 1.5%
11 1.4%
12 1.3%
13 1.2%
14 1.1%
15 1.0%
16 0.9%
17 0.8%
18 0.7%
19 0.6%
20 0.5%

Note that a special case is made for headsup tournaments, according to the following table:

Place % of total points
1 30%
2 20%
3 & 4 9%
5, 6, 7, & 8 4.75%

>> Step 7: Enter A Tournament

When you run your Poker Tournament and want to keep track of the results and display for all your league Players to see on your Leaderboards, follow these instructions.

  • To enter a Tournament, click on 'Tournaments' in the Admin Navigation
  • Click 'Add New' Tournament - you will land on the Venue tab.  This page it is made up of 3 tabs:
    • Venue - enter general venue and tournament information
    • Leaderboard - enter Players in order of finish
    • Dealers - enter Dealers and the hours they dealt
  • A Note on Required Fields
    • If a field has a * next to it, it's required
    • An Orange dot on a tab means there are required fields that have not been satisfied and you can't Save the Tournament.
    • A Green dot on a tab means all required fields are satisfied and you can Save the Tournament.
  • Select the 'Date' from the Calendar
  • Select the 'Venue' from the drop down menu
  • Select the 'Season' - auto-populated when a Venue is selected
  • Select the 'Type' - auto-populated when a Venue is selected, Standard as default
  • Enter a 'Name' for your Tournament (optional)
  • Enter the '# of Tables' (optional)
  • Enter the '# of Tokens' (optional)
  • Enter 'Venue Payment' info (optional)
  • Click the Leaderboard tab
  • Enter 'Total # Players'
  • Select 'Scoring System' from drop down menu
  • Enter each 'Players' name in the correct Place Position
  • Enter 'Points' for each Place Position (if you don't have a Scoring System setup)
  • Enter Recap
  • Click the Dealer tab and enter 'Dealer' information - duration format is 1h 30m
  • Copy Recap Story
  • Click 'Save'

Recap Story Feature

The Recap Story was added for an easy way to copy your important Tournament information to share on social media and your websites.  The Recap Story is autofilled with the following:

  • Venue Name
  • Tournament Date
  • Thanks to Dealers: Dealer List
  • Recap
  • Top Players: Player Leaderboard (pulls up to 10 top places)

Copy and paste the Recap Story to Facebook.  Then you can add a picture, add a video, move or remove text, etc.

Tournament Access

Tournament Directors and Account Managers are assigned to Venues.  They can enter tournaments for the Venues they are assigned to.

Tournament Directors can edit any Tournament they enter, but not other Tournaments.

Account Managers can edit any Tournament they are listed on.

Anyone with higher user access level, like the League Administrator, can edit all Tournaments.

To Edit a previous Tournament go to the Tournaments page then  use the filters on the page to find the event you are looking for and click it.

>> Step 8: Create An Event

The Events functionality allows you to create criteria based challenges, tournaments and contests.

For example, the APC has a monthly tournament where the top 60 players overall in points qualify as well as the top player at any Venue.  We create an Event every month that captures this criteria and outputs an Event report that displays all the players who have qualified and how they qualified.

  • To create an Event, click on Events in the Admin Navigation
  • Click 'Add New' Event
  • Enter 'Event Name'
  • Enter the 'Event Date' - the date the event will occur
  • Enter the 'Announce Date' - the date you will announce the event to your league
  • Enter the 'First Date' - the date qualifying begins for this event
  • Enter the 'Last Date' - the date qualifying ends for this event
  • Select your criteria by clicking 'Add Criteria'
  • Select the 'Criteria Type' ( Top # of Players, Minimum # of Wins, or Minimum # of Points) & '#' to list for that criteria
  • Select the 'Coverage' (Overall, At Any Venue, At Specific Venues)
  • Click 'Save'
  • Click 'Events' again in the Admin Navigation
  • Find the 'Event' you just created in the Events List
  • Click 'View' to see your custom Event Leaderboard

>> Regions

If you want to create Regions for your League, you will need to create another League by clicking 'Add New' from the Dashboard.  Then tie this League to your existing league as a second Region.

Upgrade To Executive

Click the text that says 'Upgrade to Executive' to upgrade to an Executive Account.  Executive features include the ability to turn off or post your own ads on your Leaderboards and run Tournaments, Ads, Dealers, and Payroll Reports.

$97 / year (Unlimited Tournaments)

How To Use Poker Leaderboards Executive Features

>> Ads

Ads are shown on Leaderboards for the Free Account holders. When you upgrade to an Executive Member, you have the option to shut off System Ads (by un-checking the 'Show System Ads' on the 'Ads' page), and add your own League Ads. Any size ads will work, but you'll want to adjust the ad size to fit the ad space. Both text and image (.png, .gif, .jpg) ads work.

  • To add a League Ad, click on 'Ads' in the Admin Navigation
  • Click 'New League Ad'
  • 'Name' your Ad
  • Type or Paste your Ad Code into the 'Ad Text' box
  • Select Ad 'Type' -  Ads will show up on these pre-set ad spaces. See outline here.
    - Admin Ad
    - Leaderboard Ad
    - Player 1-8 Ads
    - Venue Ad
    - Winners Ad
  • Check the 'Enabled' box
  • Click 'Save'

Ad Type Locations



>> Reports

Reports are available to Executive Members.  To run a report do the following:

  • Click on 'Reports' in Admin Navigation
  • Select the Report you want to Run
    - Payroll Reports
    - Tournament Reports
    - Dealer Reports
    - Ads Reports
  • Select the Start Date
  • Select the End Date
  • Click 'Create Report'
  • Once the Report is Created it will show up in the list. Click 'Run'
  • The Report will Run and you will see the final results
  • Reports are printable.